Suggested Air Purifier Features For Dormitories

Most of the students in college are living in dormitories especially if their house is far from school. It is important for the student to always stay healthy for them to perform well in the class.

Oftentimes, dorm rooms are very dusty, old and have malfunctioning air systems. Airborne particles are inhaled by the students which contains allergens and viruses. They are in danger of getting chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and allergy.

asthma Newly renovated dormitories can have fumes and smells of paint and it usually take months for the dust to settle. This will be miserable for students who are very sensitive to these pollutants.

Buying portable air purifier is the right thing to do. The purifier should have the following features for dorm room conditions:

  • Lightweight – it should be easy to carry especially when transferring to another room for an unexpected room change. Having wheels is also a best feature.
  • 24 hours operation – The motor should be durable to operate this long. This will ensure students that their room is pollutant free when they are away.
  • Low Maintenance – It should have a permanent filter to reduce the cost in changing the filter.
  • Long-lasting Filter – Find a purifier that has a filter that will last for 5 years or more without replacing.
  • Easy Placement – The purifier should be easy to move when changing the room arrangement.
  • HEPA Filter – This kind of filter will eliminate harmful airborne viruses and bacteria with a size as small as 0.3 microns.


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