Mini Purifier for your Pet


Now I still don’t understand why some pet owners buy their dogs coats for the cold weather. However, this little gadget has to be one of the strangest pet accessories.

This little gadget goes around your little pup’s neck so all the air near them will be pure! Thankfully the unit is very cheap at $17.20 but I can’t imagine that it is very effective. I would personally stick to one of our air purifier recommendations for pet owners and let the machine clean the air for both me and my dog.

Air purifiers can work for issues with pet dander and odors but you can’t get away with buying a super cheap unit from Amazon you need to actually look at what units have performed well for pet owners and your want to pure or H13 HEPA  for the dander and you need activated charcoal for the odors.

Be sure to choose a unit that gives us a good CADR for $$ spent and make sure it has a washable primary filter if you have a dog that sheds a lot.

But for sure don’t waste your time with silly wearable units that cost less than a sit-down breakfast.

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