Beach Air Purifier

If you live near the water, a beach air purifier can add just the freshness your home air needs. It will help remove dust and pollen when is blown in by the breeze and prevent allergy attacks as well as help keep your entire home cleaner.

Beach Air Purifier

Most allergies are caused by matter called ‘allergens’ inside the home and those which come into the home from the outdoors. When breathed, these particles cause the body to react by producing histamines which result in headaches, runny noses, red eyes, and other symptoms.

Humidity causes mold to form inside homes which can be a major aggravation to allergies and asthma. Any home located near the water is certain to have much higher humidity indoors than homes in less humid locales. Filtering the air inside a house can make a huge difference in the quality of ambient air breathed by the residents.

Many children, as well as adults, suffer from asthma. Asthma is a chronic illness caused by constriction of the airways in the lungs. In severe attacks, it can even prove fatal. While fatal attacks are rare, preventing the stress and suffering of any attack is important. A beach air purifier can make a big difference for those who live near the sea shore. Placing one in each room removes particulate matter from the space effectively and quietly.

Like all air purification systems, these units operate by passing air through a filter and, in some cases, killing bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light emission. The filter must be changed or cleaned on a regular schedule to ensure the most effective operation and the cleanest possible oxygen.

Beach air purifiers are available in a variety of sizes, capable of filtering air in different size rooms. When shopping for an air filtration system, be sure to prepare by knowing the square footage of the living space in which you plan to operate the purifier system. You’ll want to select a model designed for the size room in which you require effective air purification. You can place smaller units in bedrooms, while larger units are needed for open living areas such as dens, great rooms and open plan living rooms. You may even wish to purchase a unit for use on your enclosed sun porch to improve the air in this often-used beach living space.

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