Air Purifiers For The Home

Three of the best air purifiers for the home are the Honeywell 50250N, the Hamilton Beach 04383, and the Rabbit Air BioGS 421A. Here are some of the features that make these three top choices in home air purification.

1. The Honeywell 50250N

The Honeywell 50250N

The Honeywell air purifier model 50250N is a true HEPA air purifier. This means that it uses a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, which filters out 99.97% of particles that are larger than 0.3 microns in diameter. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 250, and that makes it appropriate for a room of 375 square feet in area. The Honeywell 50250N retails for around $160 and according to several consumer publications is the only air purifier costing under $200 that can clean air effectively. With most HEPA air purifiers, filter replacement can be a significant added expense, costing up $100 or more per year. However, the Honeywell 50250N has a permanent lifetime HEPA filter, so replacement costs are not an issue. It also has an activated carbon pre-filter. This protects the HEPA filter, trapping larger particles and absorbing volatile molecules that cause odors.


2. Hamilton Beach 04383

Hamilton Beach 04383


The Hamilton Beach True Air 04383 is a great value. It is very simply designed, with a powerful, 3-speed fan that moves the air in a room through a filter that does not have to be replaced. The filter is cleaned with regular vacuuming. The fan in the Hamilton Beach 04383 is powerful for the size of the machine. On the highest speed, it is, of course, louder, but the lowest fan speed is quiet enough to be unobtrusive. When set up horizontally, air flows through the front of the machine and exits at the top. It can be set upright as well, and in this position, it moves air laterally very efficiently, adding extra comfort on warm days by making the room feel cooler.


3. Rabbit Air BioGS 421A

Rabbit Air BioGS 421A

The Rabbit Air BioGS 421A has a charcoal pre-filter that can be washed in the sink, or even put through the dishwasher, and the HEPA filter has an antibacterial / antiviral coating, cleaning air even more efficiently. The filters should last for 18 months under continuous use. This air purifier comes with a five-year warranty, which is uncommon with small air purifiers. The front display has a clean, high-tech look to it, and the body of the air purifier has an anti-static coating that prevents build-up of dust. The HEPA filter has a gasket on its bottom edge, which prevents air leakage and makes sure that air passing through the filter is cleaner. Odor and particle sensors on the front of the machine work well and are not just a gimmicky add-on. You can spray air freshener in the same room and the lights will come on shortly afterward.


Air purifiers are made to cut down on airborne contaminants inside homes. When well maintained, they can be very helpful for those with asthma or allergies. Here are a few tips for choosing an air purifier.

First, identify the source of your indoor air contaminants. Common ones include pet dander and hair, cigarette smoke, and pollen. Once you identify the main source of indoor air pollution it is easier to choose an air purifier to address that particular contaminant. Generally speaking, HEPA air purifiers do a good job for overall air purification. They work great against pet dander, dust, and pollen. For getting rid of odors such as cooking odors, and smoke, an activated carbon filter is best. There are some air purifiers, such as the Honeywell 50250N mentioned above, that have both a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. For houses with mold, mildew, or other biological contaminants, an air purifier with an ultraviolet lamp works best for killing such biological pathogens.

An air purifier’s clean air delivery rate (CADR) refers to a measurement made by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, AHAM, to help people choose air purifiers for different sized rooms. Since CADR is based on the number of cubic feet of air that an air purifier cleans per minute, the higher the CADR number, the more efficient the air purifier is at cleaning the air, and the larger the room the purifier will effectively clean.

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