Air Purifier Smoke

Even though some people wish that smoking was a thing of the past, it’s not happening. So, what can you do to get rid of this odor? You can purchase a smoke eliminating purifier. These air purifiers get rid of odor that comes from smoking. Pretty neat right? Well, this would be right up your alley if you have a bar, office, restaurants, casino, and bingo halls.


As we all know, second hand smoke is the worst. It’s worse than first hand smoke to the people who are smoking! That seems crazy right? Well, there are air purifiers that can put an end to all of that.

If you own a casino, restaurant, bar, or even a bingo hall, you want to attract all kinds of customers to your business and you want them to enjoy themselves while they’re there. So enabling smoking in your place of business would be one of the things that will keep all customers happy.

You may be curious as to how this is possible. Well, since no one wants their business to lose profits, smoking would have to be allowed, but this is not a problem. You can set an air purifier or two around the smoking section so the purifier can catch the substances and irritants caused from smoking.

Since many people find the smell of smoke offensive, this would be perfect. Any persons who has ever sat in a “non-smoking”, “smoke free” section, knows that these sections are never smoke free. Smoke is thick and tends to linger in the air way after the cigarette or cigar has been put out. Well, there’s still no need to fret. There are many air purifiers made especially for purifying the air behind smoke. There are also purifiers made to suite specific environments.

The Surround Multi-Tech Ionizer has a HEPA filter, carbon filter, and a pre-filter. It reduces smoke odor by the ionization method. This specific type of purifier can handle up to two smokers who each smoke a pack of cigarettes each day.

The Air Oasis Light Commercial 3000 Xtreme is just what you need if two more more people in the home smoke up to two packs of cigarettes a day, pet and cooking odors, and mold.

These smoke air purifiers can get the job done and will have your air in your home, office, or place of business smelling clean and fresh.

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