Air Purifier Reviews – Video

Right I have finally got round to making my first video. In this video I just wanted to give some basic advice to people looking for the first time at air purifier reviews.

I did a little voice over showing how particle size is one of the most important things to look for in a new air purifier. I also used the rating table of the worst, middle and top air purifiers on the market.

I wanted to just outline to people that there are a number of air purifiers that you should keep well away and then some ideas on where next to take their research. I would love some feedback for the video.. i think it might have been a bit long and i need to remember to make my bed 🙂

Anyway enjoy this video and if you want to offer criticism or have ideas for future videos then please just leave a comment below.

I think the next video will be released next week and i will be talking about why cheap air purifiers are not all bad!

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