Air Purifier Ratings

Air purifier ratings will help you select the perfect model for the space in which you wish to clean the ambient air of dust, allergens, and other impurities. It is important to also understand how air filtration systems operate in order to compare the ratings effectively.


Almost all air purifier ratings are based on the cubic footage of living space which you can expect to be cleaned. This rating should be clearly stated on the label, box or other informational material available when shopping for various models. Of course, you’ll need to be prepared by knowing the size of the space in which you wish the unit to operate effectively. To determine the cubic feet in a living space, multiple the length, width and height of the area. This gives you an accurate estimate of the amount of air in the area and allows you to compare cubic foot ratings of various units.

HEPA filter systems remove tiny particles from the air very effectively. These models work by passing air through a very fine filter which must be cleaned or changed for a new filter according to the operation manual in order to ensure effectiveness. Compare the ratings on these units while keeping in mind the cost of new filters and comparing those prices as well. This will help you determine the operating cost of the models your are considering.

Ozone filter systems do not remove particles but do attack odors very well. If you desire to remove allergens, bacteria and viruses, this may not be the best type of system for your needs. If you simply wish to make the home smell better, however, compare the ratings based on cubic feet

Ultraviolet light filters kill bacteria and viruses but do not remove particles. Carbon filters do remove particles quite well by trapping them in the carbon-activated filter. Ion filters, great for large areas, do not remove odors, but do remove particles quite well.

By using these facts to compare the air purifier ratings, you can ensure you are comparing like products and you can select the product which is best for your personal home needs. Be sure to compare the cost associated with any products required to replace for clean filters when comparing the cost of operating any model.

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  1. Is that the full list? I recently bought a philips air purifier for around 4500 CNY ~ 700 USD and I’m suddenly wincing at my costly mistake.

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