13 Beds so Awesome even Insomniacs will Love Bedtime

Take a look at this list of 13 awesome beds that might just find their way into your room sometime soon.

We use beds everyday so there’s nothing much about them that’s exciting anymore. Lucky for us there are some people who actually take the time to create new and exciting slumber pads that both the young and old will enjoy. Some are eccentric, others are impractical, most are expensive and still others are just mind blowing.

1. Monolith Bed 2001 – Floating


The Monolith Bed gives us a glimpse of the future. Believe it or not, Janjaap Ruikssenaars actually spent 6 years in creating a bed that floats. The concept is so new that even imagining how you’d sleep in one is difficult. The bed can carry a weight of up to 900 kilos and it uses magnets to maintain floating stability.

This bed will probably turn new owners into insomniacs because it’ll be difficult to settle down on something so awesome. Of course like all potentially game changing technology the Monolith Bed has exclusive stamped all over it because it has a 1, 200, 000 euro price tag. Right now this still isn’t something you can just save for but in the not so distant future, who knows.

2. Roller Coaster Bed


Here’s an idea, if you can’t sleep why not tire yourself out first. The roller coaster bed will give you the space and the humps to exhaust you enough that you’ll love the bed even if you are an insomniac. Exercise before bed, might work right? Well if you’ve tried everything else then give it a go. You’ll have trouble finding a bed sheet for this one though.

3. Surround Sound Bed


Audiophiles will love this surround sound bed. It’s got enough power to rival or even trump any home theater set up so you’ll be in audio bliss the moment you hit the switch. Don’t be fooled by the box or even coffin like appearance of the bed because the design is perfect for brining you to sound heaven. If you’re the type that enjoys playing music while you sleep then this bed will bring that experience to the next level.

4. Jurassic Bed


Here’s one for the kids. If you want them to stop being scared of monsters coming to eat them while they sleep, then break them in hard Spartan style by making them sleep in a monsters mouth. Seriously though your kid will love the bed and will most likely find it cool. There are very few who can claim that they slept inside the mouth of a T-Rex and lived to tell about it.

4. Safe Room Bed


For the people who are afraid of the things that can harm them at night, whether they’re irrational or not, the safe room bed has everything covered… “literally.” It seals itself while you sleep so you’re protected from almost anything that can happen from natural disasters to kidnappers and burglars. It’s even bullet proof so if you have this Bed you won’t even need to construct a safe room in your house, this is all you need.

5. Star Wars Walker Bed


For the Star Wars fans, what could be better than sleeping under an AT-AT Walker. This one even has a loft in it where the kid can hide out when the enemies attack. It can become a perfect setting to play around in with your kid and it’s easy enough to make with materials that aren’t too hard to find.

6. Wrestling Bed


MMA and WWF fans love the ring and this design takes advantage of that. Although I’m unsure as to whether or not these should be given to kids, I’m fairly certain that they’ll love it and love you for it. If you make one a little bigger they can do all their wrestling games on the bed and feel like they’re actually in a ring. Of course just make sure that everything’s cushioned properly because kids, especially boys tend to be overly enthusiastic when it comes to physically demanding games.

7. Piano Bed


The piano bed was designed for bedridden piano players so it’s still a great bed for players who can’t get up and walk to the home piano. That being said, the bed is also something that lazy piano players can look into buying. If you love to play the piano but like the rest of us you just can’t get yourself out of bed as early as you want, this could be the bed that you need to get. It’ll definitely save you travel time and lazy pianists won’t have any reason not to practice anymore.

8. Ying Yang Bed


Cool design, great concept but this Yin-Yang themed bunk bed will probably only be good for kids since they’re not tall enough yet to feel the discomfort from the curves. It’s a nice bed to get your picture taken in though and even if you don’t use the bed it’s still a really nice piece (aesthetically) to have around the house.

9. LED Bed


LEDs have always added coolness to most gadgets, that’s why they’re so often used on toys. But who’d have guessed that someone would actually make a LED bed. It costs $ 7,500 so be warned but if you’re looking for a bed that moonlights as a nightlight then this is it. Of course it’s difficult to imagine being able to actually sleep properly with all the lights on this one so owners of this LED bed probably have other nightly activities in mind.

10. Vertical Bed


Can’t get enough sleep with all the travel you do to and from work? Try the vertical bed and you’ll not only look dorky and very paraplegic-like (no offense intended), you’ll also be able to snooze while standing up. The idea is that you can get some much needed sleep while you’re on the sidewalks or in the train if you carry this one with you. Well we’re always sleeping when we’re on the train anyway so this will give the people who can’t get a seat a chance to snooze just like everyone else. You better have your valuables chained on to you though because sleeping during commutes has never been the safest of activities.

11. BedBunker


If you feel like you need to keep your gun under your pillow otherwise you can’t sleep, then why not take it to the next level and keep your entire arsenal under your bed. The BedBunker will keep your arsenal safely tucked away underneath your bed literally inside a bunker.  They’ll be ready for you to pullout when the need arises (if it ever does) and you can even arm everyone in your home with how much you can fit under the bed.

12. Indoor Tree House Bed


Kids love treehouses but you can’t just leave them alone outside at night so their tree escapades end at lights out. But what if you could bring the tree house into their rooms so that their fun and adventure will continue on into their dreams as they slumber. Well that’s exactly what this indoor tree house bed does. You’ve got to admit the idea isn’t exactly revolutionary, I’m sure someone’s thought of this already before but to actually create one isn’t an easy task and neither is it cheap. You’ll have to bust the bank if you want to revamp your kid’s room to adopt the tree house theme.

13. Powder Blue Tracksuit – Mobile Bed


Powder Blue tracksuits never go out of style but this new design takes it to the next, impractical, level. This mobile tracksuit has space on it to fit cushions so that you’ll always be able to find a comfortable sitting or lying position. Not a bad idea right? Now if only you could run properly with all those cushions on then this would be perfect.

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