10 Allergies You’re Unlikely To Have Heard Of

The following 10 allergies are super rare and make life unbearable for the people who to live with them.

1. Allergic to Wi-Fi


One DJ claimed that he suffers from an allergic reaction to Wi-Fi. He says that he finds it hard to travel now due to most airports now containing Wi-Fi areas everywhere.  Thankfully the DJ has some protection as he lives in a house with 18inch thick walls.


2. Allergic to Sex


Sex for some women can lead to itchiness, redness, swelling and even infertility. The reason for this allergy is due to the victims white blood cells treating the semen as bacterial invaders. The good news is that there is a treatment which is rather good – more sex! By increasing the amounts of interaction with the allergen the reaction will be reduced. So if you hear a lady friend complaining about itchiness after sex then be a good friend and offer to help in the desensitization process 😉


3. Allergic to the Mac Book Pro


This allergy often affects people who have had an allergy to the metal nickel. Sadly the Mac book pro contains small amounts of nickel within the case. Users have reported red bumps appearing after long sessions of surfing the net. However it’s not just Mac Books that are the culprit as most cell phones contain elements of nickel within the case/battery. The sad story is that once you react to metals the only treatment is to avoid exposure so its back to using your plastic covered Dell laptop!


4. Allergic to exercise

excersise allergy

This  super rare allergy affects less than a 1,000 people a year so don’t bother using it as an excuse when your down the gym. Doctors believe that the allergy is caused by an underlying mild food allergy and the exercise acts as catalyst which causes the symptoms to arise. In rare cases this can actually cause unconsciousness and even death.


5. Allergic to Water

allergy to water

Imagine cutting your finger and then watching as the inevitable outpour of blood causes you to break out in blisters? Every day water allergy sufferers have to deal with the fact that their immune system hates something that makes up 60% of their body. Victims of this strange disorder can no longer shower and are forced to clean themselves with a damp flannel. Even drinking a simple glass of water is out of the question. Thankfully only 1 in 230 million people suffer from this worldwide.


6. Allergic to Sunlight

allergy to sunlight

No these sufferers are not vampires but the proteins in their skin change when they come into contact with UV light causing their antibodies to attack. Sufferers will have to deal with itching, hives and even full blown anaphylaxis if they spend too long sun bathing.


7. Allergic To Eating An Apple Under A Birch Tree


Food allergies are now common place and now it seems that nearly everyone complains about being allergic to wheat, milk, peanuts…etc

Grace Morley on the other hand is not allergic to eating apples and can even spend all day under a birch tree. However if Grace combines eating an apple with sitting under a birch tree she could die within minutes. Doctors believe that the birch tree pollen must have a subtle affect on her immune system that causes it to go into overdrive when it comes into contact with apple juice.


8. Allergy to Wood


In 2008, Dan gave up his job as a lucrative banker (maybe he knew something we didn’t?) to become a carpenter. After only a few days of working with the wood he noticed that he was breaking out in a rash and hives. The doctors later confirmed that he was allergic to the wood shavings. Thankfully Dan found one type of wood that he is not allergic to so now he just uses that to make his furniture.


9. Allergy to everything except deer meat


Timmy Armstrong  suffers from a major food allergy that means he can only eat deer meat and a small amount of oats, salt and sugar. If Timmy eats any other sort of food, his oesophagus can swell so much that he will stop breathing.  It’s still not understood why deer meat does not induce an allergic reaction.


10. Caffeine Allergy


Whilst its common to see many cases of intolerance to caffeine, actual allergies are very rare. Symptoms of this allergy can be very similar to what patients with Attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and even depression deal with. Doctors have even suggested that people with caffeine allergies may have been wrongly diagnosed as having a mental illness.


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