Where to Put Your Air Purifier

Many of you have realized the need for an air purifier, but probably wonder where to put it. Of course, if your allergy is severe, you will probably have to install a high-capacity air purifier that will be powerful enough to clean the air in the entire house or get an air purifier for each room.

But if one air purifier is enough, you should probably put it into the room where you spend the most time. Usually, it is your bedroom where you spend one third of your life sleeping.

Since air cleaners produce certain noise, it would be better to place them far from your bedside.


If you have pets, keep them out of your bedroom. Also, if you are allergic to animal dander, fur, and feathers, your air purifier will be especially useful in the room where your pets stay most of the time.

If you decide on purchasing another air purifier, it is probably a good idea to place it in the living where more than one family member can benefit from the clean air. If you work from home, you can place the next air cleaner into your home office.

There are some general tips as well – to achieve the best air cleaning performance, an air purifier should be put across the room from a heating or air conditioning unit. The airflow should not be blocked by walls or other objects, so it would be effective not to put it close to them.

If you like opening windows for a jolt of fresh air, consider placing your air cleaner far from the window so that airflows don’t interfere.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying! It seems like a simple question but the answer to it is really important. I have moved my Honeywell from the wall now that I know that it should have space to work properly.

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