Hamilton Beach 04383 Review

Hamilton Beach1

This is an affordable petite air purifier that is equipped with a permanent filter. Since the filter is permanent, you need not change it. So it saves you money from replacement costs. To clean the filter, you just need to vacuum it two to three times a year. You can change its orientation either vertically or horizontally because of its removable base. The HEPA grade permanent filter removes 99 percent of airborne allergens effectively such as dust mite debris, dust, dander of pets, mold and pollen spores as small as three microns. The Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen reducer has a compact design that can effectively cover an area of 160 square feet. The streamlined design makes the fan quiet on any of the 3 speed settings.

Hamilton Beach2

Below are some of the user reviews of this product


    • Easy to use
    • Very quiet
    • Easy to relocate due to its small size
    • Reliable
    • Very effective in reducing airborne particles


    • Low quality housing


The product is a best buy because the pros outweigh the cons.

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