Stylish Oransi V-HEPA Plus Air Purifier


The Oransi V-HEPA Plus is an air purifier that works very hard and still manages to be so quiet with a low noise level of 28 decibels. Inside the stylish ultra-thin outer casing is the V-HEPA air purifier filter that efficiently eradicates 95 percent of pet dander, bacteria, dust, pollen and mold from the air you are breathing. Once it is running, you will notice the air is cleaner to breathe.


This purifier does its job seriously. The first stage of the air filtration is the pre filter that traps the largest particles. Followed by the V-HEPA filter, that is highly efficient in capturing up to 99.5 percent of harmful pollutants. The permanent filter made of titanium gets rid of gases, light odors and Volatile Organic Compounds. The Oransi V-HEPA Plus air purifier is also equipped with UV-C germicidal light that kills germs and bacteria.

The Oransi V-HEPA Plus can cover a room of up to an area of 20’x20’ or 400 square feet and the filter will last for 5 to 10 months of service without replacing.

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