Sleek O-Two Air Purifier

It is important that our house is clean and comfortable to live in, for it is the place where we unwind and relax from the stress we feel outside. The air pollution and contaminants outside is increasing rapidly because of the growing number of vehicles that use fossil fuel. Because of this, the O-Two air purifier promises to remove 99.9 percent of air pollutants and this air purifier uses BioOx organic compounds.


The movable O-Two air purifier is an energy efficient product, for it uses only 6 watts of power and creates zero harmful waste. Its portable size and appearance is designed by Michael Laut. The O-Two air purifier is a noise free product that ensures you of a good sleep. The controls of this product use a capacitive auto-dimming screen interface. Finding an area to place the O-Two is very easy, for its portable and curvy design makes it possible to be placed in every corner of the house like on a side table, study table, bookshelf, etc.


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