Hand Held 5004B-P Pocket Air Purifier


Germs are everywhere and the best catcher of germs in the body is your hand. You have to face it. However clean you are to your body, but if you will not protect yourselves from the outside such as bacteria and all those nasty germs around you, you will likely catch flu and all other type of sickness.

You could just imagine touching the germs that cause flu, colds, salmonella, deadly e-coli, molds and a lot more without you knowing it. These are all around you such as in computer keyboards, hand rails of stairs, buttons of elevators, telephones, toilet doors, doorknobs and almost in everything you hold. These are unavoidable and only you can protect yourself. But how do you prevent this?

The best method of preventing germs is hand washing. But if you are always mobile and water is not available, how do you do it? There is a product that claims to sanitize your hands. It is called “Pocket Purifier”. This is a handheld germ-eliminating light that is so handy. It is like a wall that defends your hands from nasty germs with its germicidal light. It is very convenient especially when you are always on the go.


This lightweight Pocket Purifier can sanitize the objects with the same way that surgical instruments are sterilized by the UV-C light. 99.9% of germs are eliminated with the nanotechnology and ultra violet light. It deactivates the DNA of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens thus preventing its ability to multiply.

You can have this at home, in public, at work and even for high-touch surfaces. This product is claimed to be the most environmentally responsible way of fighting germs with no chemicals.

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