Gastro-Line HR 1700 D Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier

If you are living in a small house or apartment, buying an air purifier can eat up a lot of your space. The only way to go is the ceiling. How do you put an air purifier in the ceiling? Well, to answer the question, Green-Line created the Gastro-Line HR 1700 D ceiling mounted air purifier.


This purifier is quiet, plane in design, modern, reliable and powerful in absorbing smoke making it possible for having a guest who smokes while keeping the non-smokers safe from second hand smoke and having your guests stay for a longer period of time.

The Gastro-Line will extend your renovation intervals and lower the cost of your electric bills because its location in the ceiling will efficiently maximize the coverage area of air that can be cleaned and it also has the best insulation from heat.


With its intelligent system of installation, you can easily install the product on your own, reducing the additional cost of installation service. It is also very convenient to use, for it can be controlled by a remote control which is included in the package.

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