Desktop Air Purifier

A desktop air purifier can really change how you breathe in your office workspace. Office air can smell stale and contain dust particles, germs from other workers and allergens which can impact your health and physical comfort during work. Even if you work in your home office, a desktop purifier can make a big difference in how you feel during work time.


Office furniture can get dusty and hold pollen which comes into the home. When you sit in your desk chair, you shed skin cells which can get into the air. Dust mites are everywhere. If you work from home, pet dander can get into your desk chair. This pollution can be removed from the air your breathe with a desktop air purifier.

A small desktop air purifier will pass air through a filtration system. If you have serious allergies or asthma, you probably want a HEPA filter system which removes the tiniest particles. By choosing a unit which also uses ultraviolet light, you can reduce the germs and viruses which so often pass from office worker to office worker causing “bugs” to run through entire businesses. You’ll be safe from your co-worker’s cold or flu germs. If odors are a problem in your office, select a system which also contains a carbon filter.

To maintain your desktop air purifier, you only need to change the filter at the recommended periods. Changing the filter is a simple, easy process which requires only seconds. The old filter is then discarded.

The cost of a desktop air purifier is quite small. You can find very efficient units at reasonable prices and in sizes which will fit on the corner of your desk or on your credenza without taking away much valuable storage space. The units are often as small as a shoebox. There is little, if any, sound when operating. The small fan inside the unit moves the air effectively but quietly, so there will be no distraction to your work.

Compare available desktop air purifiers to find the type and size that best suits your needs. Read and compare the specifications to find the unit which is most effective for removing the type of air pollution in your work area. Your lungs and allergies or asthma will be greatly relieved.

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