7 Best Personal Air Purifiers

As countries around the world gradually start to reopen post-Covid-19 restrictions and return to some form of normality, we are beginning to venture out and enjoy some of the pastimes we used to take for granted. Whether it’s meeting a friend for coffee, hitting the gym, or heading to the office, these new freedoms will come as welcome news for many. However, one lasting effect the pandemic will have on us all is a heightened awareness of the air we breathe around us. More specifically, what kind of particles and viruses we may be inhaling!

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6 Best Honeywell Air Purifiers

honeywell air purifier

When you think about how important clean air is for you and your family, especially in today’s climate, you need to know that the air purifier you’re investing in will deliver on all its promises. 

Honeywell is a trusted brand among consumers, and people can breathe easy knowing that the air in their home will be much safer after purchasing one.

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8 Best Air Purifiers for Cooking Odors

Best Air Purifiers for Cooking Odors

The last thing you want to do is go to work smelling like the amazing meal you cooked the night before. Opening a window will not always do the job when it comes to managing harsh odors and fumes. This is especially true when you cook strong-smelling foods like fish, onions or smoked meats in a small space, such as a compact apartment.

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6 Best Air Purifiers for Desks

Best Air Purifiers for Desks

With most of the world’s population in lockdown, we’ve all had to make some major adjustments to our lives. One aspect, in particular, that has undergone a lot of change is where and how we work. For those of us that are now working from home, we have seen the time that we spend indoors dramatically increase. And while we might have seen images of dreamy work-from-home setups, the reality for most of us is a makeshift desk crammed in wherever we can manage, with even a nearby window being classified as a luxury. 

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8 Best Ozone Free Air Purifiers

What actually is ozone and how does it work? 

Ozone is a highly reactive gas that has the ability to change the chemical makeup of air pollutants when the two come into contact, therefore neutralizing the pollutant. According to the EPA, inhaling ozone, even in relatively low quantities can cause:

  • Chest pain 
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Throat irritation. 

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