Vornado AQS500 Air Purifier

This Vornado AQS500 Whole-Room Air Purifier provides you with the unique Vortex Technological know-how which successfully and effectively moves around all of the air flow in a space as high as 324 sq ft. Additionally , it features two filter systems which perform an excellent a job in capturing mold spores, cigarette smoke, germs, mite particles, airborne dirt and dust, plant pollen and family pet dander.

Any Vornado AQS500 functions quietly making use of a user friendly control screen together with LED warning lighting. Customers can then decide among three various speed choices. Additionally , it includes a timer (along with automated shut-off), replace filtration system signal along with a handheld remote control. Because the Vornado AQS500 is actually ENERGY STAR accepted, you do not need to worry about the expense of utilizing it each day.



Vornado Air flow Systems, founded in 1988,creates and also produces fans and also purifiers in Kansas. Vornado’s products are distributed by means of national hardware (e.g:Costco), specialised, and also department stores, plus the internet (Amazon.com).

PRICE = $106.31 (Amazon.com – AQS500)

What Other Customers Think

Review Site Rating
Amazon.com 4.5 Stars (18reviews)
Epinions.com 5 Stars (4 reviews)

This air purifier created by Vornado and available at Amazon.com and Costco has some very favourable reviews across the internet. Many people seem to really love this purifier and believe that is really alleviates health problems. As expected some customers mention that the unit is a little loud but many reviews are adamant that its really good value for money. The only reason this purifier did not receive 5 stars on amazon.com is due to one customer giving it 1 star. Many other reviewers urge people to ignore this customer review and argue that the reviewer expected too much.  At just over $100 this purifier looks like it could be one of the finest bargain purifiers on the market.

Let us first look a little deeper into how this Vornado purifier works before we give our final recommendation.

CADR Ratings

The current Vornado AQS500 has the following CADR ratings:

  • Results for smoke removal: 102
  • Results for dust removal: 149
  • Results for pollen removal: 185

The CADR evaluation recommends that this purifier be used in rooms up to 324 square foot. We often suggest that the CADR recommendations are often too high so we recommend that this Vornado air cleaner should be used in rooms no bigger than 256 square foot.

Filter Replacement and Costs

You have to be wary of the cost of replacement filters with many budget air purifiers. You will often find that the replacement filters can cost more in a year than the price of the unit! The Vornado AQS500 filters cost $25 and need to be replaced either once or twice a year depending on usage. These costs are actually quite good in comparison with other purifiers on the market.


This budget air purifier from Vornado is a very good appliance for cleaning air in a small room in your house. We would only suggest this purifier for small rooms as it will not be able to deal with medium-large rooms. The price of filters are reasonable and this purifier is very good value for money. We provide the Vornado AQS500 air purifier with a 5 star rating and happily recommend it to consumers.

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