Therapure 201M Review: what’s good and what’s not

For many people, there is nothing more important than to ensure that they are
breathing in a right environment. These are the people who don’t mind spending top
dollar to get a sophisticated air purifier. Well, if you are also quite worried about the
indoor air quality of your home or office, you can consider buying Therapure 201M air


When you dig deeper into the details and read the Therapure 201M reviews, it becomes
evident that it is popular for many good reasons. The first impressive thing about
this particular air filter is its amazing power. Precisely, it can generate a power of
120-145 cubic ft/min. However, it is important to mention that it doesn’t come with
AHAM- CADR, which stands for Certified Clean Air Delivery Rate. This is quite
discouraging, but there are some other features that are sure to impress you a lot.
Its sleek design will impressive you for sure. It is due to its compact size that you put
it anywhere in your home. It doesn’t take a lot of your precious real estate, which
is one great feature in its own specific way. What’s more, it comes with permanent
HEPA-type filter, which works extremely well to remove dust, smoke, and pollen from
air. Here, it is important to mention that there is some difference between a True
HEPA and a HEPA-type filter, and you should be willing to learn more about it before
you go on to make a purchase.

In this Therapure 201M review, it is quite essential to point out that it comes with a HEPA-
type filter, which is not as effective as a true HEPA filter – a true HEPA filter
can capture .3 micron particulate. Still, you will find 201M coming with great cleaning
power, and as it comes with UV lamp, it is capable of killing most harmful airborne
bacteria, germs, and viruses. What’s more, it also has photo catalyst filter that can
remove carpet fumes, toxic paints, and other household chemicals. When all this is at
work, you are sure to breathe in clean and clear air.

The fact of the matter is that though Therapure 201M is not “tremendous” as
compared to some of the modern more expensive purifiers, it is still capable of providing
you with clean air. Therefore, without a doubt, it is worth your investment!

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