Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier

An air purifier with a true HEPA filter under $150 seems like a fairytale, but it really exists, and it is called the Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier. Moreover, this unit uses five other technologies – an air ionizer and negative ions, germicidal UV light, an activated carbon filter, and ozone which can be turned off.

The ozone is definitely distinguishable by smell when it is turned up high. It almost smells like a combination of seaweed, salt water and something electric. You can set the level if you don’t want so much ozone, or shut it off completely.

If you are worried that the replacement costs will be too high, as it usually goes with cheap purifiers, worry not – the replacement cost for the UV bulb and HEPA filter are small, compared to other competitors on the market of air-purification systems. The replacement lamp and filter are about $30 and need to be replaced just once a year.


You should note, however, that the Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000C is shipped with the filter in place. And if you want it to pass air, you should remove a piece of cardboard from the filter first.

The great thing about this air purifier is that it works even in a large room (up to 500 square feet), if you ever need it, and you won’t have to pay the extra money for the second one.

The Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier has all the features an air cleaner is expected to have, and is small, quiet, and inconspicuous. On the medium setting, you will not even have to turn up the TV when it is plugged in right next to the couch you are sitting on.

If you are looking for a basic air purifier, then the Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000C Air Purifier would be a good choice.  It is compact and does a great job of cleaning odors and dust, and the price is really good too.

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