Smoke-Eliminating Air Cleaners

Air purifiers are normally associated with allergies, but this is not the only situation when it is a good idea to get an air cleaner. Air purifiers are also an excellent solution for those people who prefer smoking indoors. Here are a few air purifiers that will help to get rid of secondhand smoke.

Blueair 203 SMOKESTOP Air Purifier

This high-quality air purifier is not only effective, but attractive in a high-tech sort of way. It will capture 99.97% of particles down to 0,1 micron size and eliminate smoke and other odors, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and mold spores. The filter cleans the air in three stages in a room up to 175 square feet – the first one entraps pollen and dust and the other two capture bacteria and viruses.

The only downside to this air cleaner is that you will have to buy the replacement filter twice a year. The removal of tobacco smoke will be more effective if use this purifier together with the200 Series SmokeStop HEPA replacement filter.Blueair 203 SMOKESTOP Air PurifierBlueair 403 SMOKESTOP Air Purifier

This is an improvement over the previous model. And like every improvement, it is more expensive ($200, to be precise).

However, the price is understandable – Blueair 403 SMOKESTOP is technically more advanced and can make the air clean in a larger area of up to 365 square feet. The air filter with carbon particles provides flawless odor and gas filtration and removes 99.97% of 0,1 micron-sized particles.Blueair 403 SMOKESTOP Air PurifierAllerair 5000 DS Exec Air Purifier – Tobacco Smoke Effects Neutralization

This is the king of smoke-eliminating air purifiers. It is too bad that the price (around $800) also reflects its superiority. This device is excellent at trapping cigarette smoke – the pre-filter captures tar and large particles, the micro-filter grabs smaller particles, the carbon filter absorbs gases, odors and chemicals and the HEPA filter finishes the cleaning job. The purifier is designed to clean a 1500 square room.

The Allerair 5000 DS Exec Air Purifier is extremely quiet but very good at removing tobacco smoke – you will hardly find anything better on the market.

Allerair 5000 DS Exec Air Purifier Tobacco Smoke Effects Neutralization

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  1. Thank you for the helpful reviews! I guess I should be getting one of those because my husband is a heavy smoker.

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