Sharp’s KC860EKW Air Purifier with Humidifier

Using air purifiers are beneficial for people who are suffering from lung problems like asthma and other ailments which cause difficulty in breathing. Investing in air purifiers like the Sharp KC86EKW is a good decision to eliminate these health problems.

The Sharp KC860EKW is a heavy duty air purifier which combines Sharp’s Plasmacluster ion technology and a powerful humidifier. It can purify a large room air for up to 48 square meters.


This air purifier has a 3-stage filtration system, high efficiency HEPA-Filter dust collector and odor filter. The negative and positive ions of this machine will attach to the airborne particles and make them harmless, so the air quality of your home or office will definitely improve.

SSharp air purifier 2

The humidifying function of this machine uses a system of natural evaporation that maintains and monitors the humidity of the room automatically. Furthermore, the KC860EKW has a 3-step odor monitor with a washable deodorizing filter that eradicates indoor smoke and odor.

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