Sharp Air Purifiers



Sharp Air Purifiers are of often called plasmacluster air purifiers and are manufactured and designed by the global Japanese electronics company – Sharp. Sharp first started producing products in 1912 and went worldwide in 1956. The plasmacluster air purifier was first introduced in 2003 and became a national best seller.

Sharp air purifiers use an ozone free ion-oxidation technology to clean air of pollutants. Sharp air purification technology works via active purification rather than the riskier ozone treatments that other industrial purifiers use.


The Ion technology inside a Sharp purifier releases negative and positive ions to the surrounding air. The charged ions in the air are then attracted to air based pollutants which oxidises and thus eliminates the pollutants.

Sharp Purifiers are perfect for removing mold spores, viruses, fungi, microbes and even bacteria.

The Sharp purifiers are some of the most technological advanced units available with computer chips used for all on-board sensors. With Sharps history of strong research in the field of electronics, the purifiers rarely suffer from any electronic error malfunction.

Unlike cheaper models on the market, the sharp purification system allows for all aspects of the purifier to be controlled manually. Users can modify the noise level, filter usage and energy by optimising the unit via the on board controls.


Sharp Purifiers include both an activated carbon filter for removing odours and gas matched with the plasmacluster ion function. The carbon filter is unique for every sharp purifier in that it can be easily cleaned and then replaced for repeat use.

The only problem with Sharp purifier is that the gaskets and valves are not as tight as i would prefer. However Sharp have used this issue to their advantage as this helps to reduce weight and considerably reducing the sound output to less than a whisper.

I have been using air purifier since 1970’s and i now always have my Sharp air purifier by my side. I will continue to buy more sharp purifiers and will keep recommending them to my customers.

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