Panasonic Air Purifier Review

Panasonic F-P15HU2 Air Purifier

The top selling Panasonic purifier from is the Panasonic FP20HU1 Air Purifier which sells for $140.

Panasonic FP20HU1 Air Purifier

The upgrade on the previous purifier is called the Panasonic F-P15HU2 which sells for $299

These Panasonic purifiers are clearly budget purifiers but it seems that they do a very good job for such a small price tag.

The FP20HU1 gets 4 stars from for 7 reviews and the FP20HU2 gets 5 stars for 7 reviews. Review by A Customer

The FP20HU1 purifier got one review that gave it only 1 star so its worth looking to see what this customer thought about the product: review

Worthless expensive Product and Horrible Customer Service”

I am always wary of really negative or super positive reviews.

“In addition,it will dry up your room and your eyes will get dried and even turn red. It did not work, when my room was dusty. I bought this because I was allergic to mite and dust but it did not work for me at all. I recommend Sharper Image Ionic Breeze, if you want better air quality.”

Now, I can’t see any reason why an air purifier would dry the air unless they had a dehumidifier function which this purifier lacks. This reviewer has many negative points and shows no positive aspects. Its very rare that we totally hate a product completely so i am already starting to disbelieve this product review.

Now when this reviewer mentions a particularly awful product – The Ionic Breeze, we should discount what this person says completely. This is a perfect example someone submitting false reviews to make people buy their product.

With this review discounted both Panasonic purifier score 5 stars which is impressive as Amazon customers can be very critical.

Clean Air Delivery

In the clean air delivery test the Panasonic F-P15HU2 was quoted as providing a CADR of 150 which is amazing considering the price of this unit.

Size of Room

Both purifier are capable of cleaning rooms up to the size 12 feet by 18 feet. So this purifier is for use in smaller rooms which is to be expected for a unit of this price.

Cost of Filer Replacements

The Panasonic purifier filters for both models cost just under $45 and are called the Panasonic FY120XT filter replacements.

The Panasonic HEPA filters are able to block 99.97% of particles bigger than 0.3microns which is true HEPA standard. The filters used for the Panasonic are actually vacuum-able so the manufacturer says they wont need replacing for at least 3 years. In my experience, you will find probably find that you will need to replace these filters more often than 3 years. However as the filters are quite inexpensive this is not too much of a problem.

Both of these Panasonic air cleaners come with activated charcoal filters that will need to be replaced every year if you want to cut down odour smells. The Panasonic FY-520XT Charcoal filters cost $35 which again is inexpensive when compared with other charcoal filter replacements.


For such a small price tag the Panasonic range of air purifier perform exceptionally well. There are many happy customers on and we fully recommend this air purifier for customers on a tight budget.


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