Oreck HEPA Air Purifier With 3 Extra HEPA Filters

Now you can clean the air inside your house from all the unwanted irritants and also save money all year long. With this great Oreck HEPA Air Purifier, you will feel comfortable breathing the air inside your house. This product is the first Oreck Air Purifier with HEPA filter.


With a total of 3 HEPA filters enough to clean the air for one year, this unit is made for those who are in a tight budget. You will also admire the power savings it can offer, because it only consumes 40 watts of power, lowering your monthly electric bills compared to other purifiers. It also features an automatic timer control that turns the unit on and off every one, two or three hours to save even more power.


The product has 3 speed settings that will help you clean the air as quickly as you want. The fan runs silently that you will have no problem sleeping. And because of that, you will barely realize that you have an air purifier running in your house.

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