IQAir Health Pro Air Purifier Video Review

This is the next video in our series of reviews and this time we reviewed the IQair Healthpro air purifier.

With this video, i was able to use PowerPoint to help use images to put my point across. We followed the main points about why the IQair healthpro purifier is so much better than the majority of air purifiers out there. I was able to use a screen capture program to film this so in future we should be able to make videos of this quality and higher.

The main points that we talk about in this video is:

1. The Amount of awards won – Consumer reports, Wired magazine…etc

2. Technology uses – 0.03 microns

3. Why Hyper HEPA deals with allergies.

4. Certificate performance – we know that this purifier can perform

5. Silent design

6. Used in Surgery

I still think this video is a bit boring.. and should move a bit faster. Next time we are going to work with music and try and up the tempo a little. I will also get more creative with the flip cam so keep checking the blog.

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