Ionizer Air Purifier


Air Purifiers are created to clean the air off problem particles such as dust, pollen and dirt. One of the recent technological advancements are ionizer air purifiers that use ionization cleaning technique. ionizer_air_purifier

To understand how ionizer air purifiers work you need to understand a little bit about the ionization process.

The first thing that happens is that the ionization unit charges the air with a release of electrons that in turn charge the all the particles in the air. Now all the particles including the dust, pollen and bacteria are charged negatively so are heavier and are attracted to the positive plates of the ionization unit.

Negative ions can also provide a feeling of well being and can be compared to the air near a waterfall or on the beach (places where natural air negative ions are high.)


Many air purifiers will combine an ionization air purifier with an other type of filter such as HEPA or Activated Carbon. Ionization units can help to improve the efficiency of other filters as it increases the size of particles and thus makes it easier for them to be caught in the filter.

One of the benefits ionizer only air purifiers is that they do not require expensive filters but will still be required to be cleaner every few days. In our experience air purifiers that only use ionization are not that helpful. Usually for most people they will require this to be matched with a least one type of filters, we recommend HEPA or activated carbon.

If you are only looking to remove basic pollutants from the air such as dust and want to increase your rooms level of negative ions then maybe a ionization only purifier will be perfect for your home.

Overall we think that ionization units are awesome as they help to increase the efficiency of normal air purifiers. We would always recommend going for a purifier that includes some sort of ionization facility.

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