Idylis Germ Air Sanitizer

The reason to introduce this new collection of air purifiers is to help you breathe in a cleaner atmosphere. Each of these devices is created by Lowe’s and comes with HEPA filtration systems that eliminate 99.97% of contaminants. Some of the models are also equipped with UV-C technologies, which are important to eliminate flu-causing bacteria and airborne cold viruses. Moreover, these purifiers come with a smooth flat front panel, which enables you to clean it with ease.

Idylis 280    Price = $299


The History

Coway Company is behind the construction of Idylis 280 and Idylis 200 cleaners. This company has a great reputation for producing high-quality products for the Korean household market. The important thing is that the company was well aware of the fact that they have to design products differently to capture the American air purifier market, and that’s when they adopted a two-tiered strategy. This is why Lowe’s is now offering its products to the American household market.

It was April 2009 when Idylis air purifiers were included in the list of products being maintained by Lowes. It was a good decision to opt for Idylis, especially after considering the problem they have with the Hunter Permalife filter,

CADR Ratings

Although there are different types of Idylis purifiers, Idylis 280 and Idylis 200 are the most popular – they are priced at $299 and $246, respectively. It is thought that these purifiers are introduced for CADR-marketing, which was said mainly because they had free fitted filter systems and strong fans. But, the presence of these filter systems and fans is another reason why these purifiers prove less effective when you have to get rid of very small contaminants.

When you talk about Idylis gem air sanitizer, you also need to consider its CADR rankings. For the Idylis 280, the CADR ranking for Plant pollen is 285, for cigarette smoke is 280, and for airborne dirt is 290. This is why it is supposed to work efficiently in a 434 square feet space. Though some people think the claims made by the company are not based on real facts, it is still a good idea to try this air sanitizer within a space of 320 square feet.

On the other hand, if you check the CADR rankings for the Idylis 200, the figures you have are 215 for plant pollen, 200 for cigarette smoke, and 215 for airborne dust. According to AHAM, the purifier is good enough for 310 sq feet space, but in reality, you can get good results only if you use it in a space no more than 230 square ft.

However, before making a purchase, do consider the filter replacement cost and the noise it makes. Generally, mid and low priced purifiers are a bit noisy. Still, if you are looking for a complete package and want a Lowe’s product, going for the Idylis 280 is the best bet.

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