Honeywell Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

The Honeywell tower purifier comes with a permanent HEPA style filter which is able to catch around 99% of pollutants from the air. The one major benefit of the Honeywell air purifier is that it comes with a lifetime filter! With this filter you will never have to go to the shop and buy a filter every again. When the filter is full of particles you just have to pull it out of the purifier and wash it in the washing machine. You can also just vacuum Honeywell HEPA filters to quickly clean them without having to wait to wash them.

We found that the Honeywell purifier was really quiet unlike some other branded purifiers so you can leave it on when you need to work hard.  It comes with a pre-filter which is perfect for picking up large particulates and means that you won’t need to clean the main filter as much. We recommend that you only choose an air purifier that comes with a separate pre-filter.

This Honeywell purifier comes with a 5 year guarantee and Honeywell are a respected manufacturer both online and offline.
We give this purifier the following marks:

  • Tobacco Smoke = 98/100
  • Pollen/Hayfever = 90/100
  • Dust / dust mite allergy  = 90/100

With 3 speeds this purifier will allow for you to customise how fast you need to clean the air.