Honeywell 18155 Air Purifier Review

The 18155 created by Honeywell is a cost-effective, yet middle power – HEPA particle filtration system. 18155s are from the 14-inch circular filtration system family of Honeywells.

Honeywell 18155 Air Purifier

What other consumers think?

PRICE = $129 (

Before we talk in depth about the 18155 purifier it is worth checking out what other consumers think of this air cleaner. Overall this purifier has relatively good reviews from other consumers with the majority of reviews coming from

Review Site Rating 4 Stars (99 reviews) 3.5 Stars (2 reviews) 3.5 Stars (2 reviews)
New Egg 3 Stars (3 user reviews)

CADR Rating: 150,150 and 135

Together with a clean air delivery rates (CADR) of a hundred and fifty airborne dirt and dust, a hundred and fifty smoke, 135 plant pollen, and a strong AHAM given of 230 sq . feet space score, we think this small Honeywell is a little bit over rated.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports ranked the 18155 as "reasonable" and "weak" for high-speed and lower speed dirt and cigarette smoke elimination, getting ranked 22 out of 30.

What Sized Room?

This particular air purifier is promoted as offering six air changes for each hr within an 11′ x 17′ space. That is 187 square. foot., below the 230 score awarded by AHAM throughout the CADR accreditation.

Space sizing rankings, according to constant high-speed functioning, certainly are a frustration for buyers. The purifiers are not generally silent enough to operate on high along with human activity, particularly sleeping, within the room.

I suggest the 18155 Honeywell for 144 square. foot. areas, a moderate 12 x 12 room, at the most.

Filter Change?

Brand new 18155s possess the "life time" HEPA glass fibre air filters promoted as practically never needing replacing. In any other case, they’re the same as the 18150. The brand new filters are durable enough to get recurrent vacuuming. A few customers state they experience having to replace these types of filters anyway.

Just like numerous reduced price HEPAs, Honeywell 18155s have got filter expense difficulties.The thirteen dollars to $15 pre-filters on it’s own, if adjusted each and every three months as suggested, equal to the first purchase cost of this air purifier in a little more than 24 months. Lifetime is really a filtration system slogan, not really a guarantee


The Honeywell 18155 is not a bad air purifier for the price of $129 but we would suggest the buyers look at spending a little bit more and purchase the Honeywell 50250 which provides more cleaning per $ spent. In the long-term the 50250 will work out cheaper and your house will be cleaner.

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