Germ Guardian Air Purifiers, Humidifiers and Sanitizers


Germ Guardian is a company that sells and develops consumer products for bulk retail. In their product lines, the Germ Guardian Company is dedicated on developing natural, safe and innovative technologies. The technologies mentioned are the main objectives in developing their superior featured products. Germ Guardian is successful during their product launches numerous times and they are very devoted in building strong partnerships in retail. The core technology of the company focuses on developing the technology of UV-C light. UV-C light is used by the company, because it is known to kill viruses, bacteria and germs safely and naturally. As a verified technology, UV-C light has been used to kill over 99 percent of harmful microbes in the water, air and surfaces for over one hundred years. UV-C light is a very effective technology at killing viruses and bacteria that can cause meningitis, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia and staph. What kills the germ is the UV-C light’s effect of altering their genetic structure.

germ-guardian ultrasonic humidifier

UV-C sanitizer wands and UV-C sanitizers are the product lines of the Germ Guardian for exterminating the surface germs. The Germ Guardian has both table top and room version of air purifiers as part of their several lines of product. Both table top and room version are effective in killing germs, capturing pollens and allergens. The company is not only focusing on air cleaning products, they also have an entire product line of hand vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners that ensures healthy living and cleaning. For personal care, Germ Guardian also has heat sanitizers that get rid of the germs from our toothbrush. They have sanitizing product for babies called Nursery Sanitizer that use dry heat to kill and sanitize germs on baby products like soft and hard toys and bottle nipples. As seen on the TV show “The Apprentice”, ultrasonic humidifiers are also part of the Germ Guardian’s full line of product. The size of the products ranges from small and portable tabletop and travel, midsize to big room humidifiers. All of them have Silver Clean Technology inserted in the tanks of water to help battle the growth of bacteria that causes odor and mold, so fresh and clean haze is ejected out into the room.

germ-guardian nursery sanitizer

Germ Guardian line of products are very promising because their main focus is to kill germs effectively using the advances in technology, using a very quiet fan to absorb unwanted microorganisms and bombarding them with UV-C light.

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