An air purifier called the gc multigas

The IQAir GC MultiGas air purifier is the one that you can use indoors. It is the perfect appliance to be able to control the amount of smoke and odor and that is prevalent in the room or home. If you have people who suffer from MCS which are Multiple Chemical Sensitivity then this is just the purifier that will work wonders for them. This purifier does not have a Hepa filter installed in it. This means that it is not in a position to be able to filter out allergens that can cause asthma or allergies. But, it has the potential to filter out 97% of the particles at 0.3 microns. This air purifier consists of a standard pre-filter and the upper part has four filter cartridges in it. These have gas phase media in them. The filter cartridges can be used again and they contain 12 pounds of media.

IQAir GC MultiGas

These purifiers that work well indoors is the best thing if you are considering the controlling of smoke and smell inside the home. If you or a family member has MCS which is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, then this is one of the best air purifiers to be installed. These purifiers are not installed with Hepa filters and therefore, they might not be able to deal with allergens of all kinds. Therefore, people with asthma or allergies might not benefit from it. The filters can trap 97% of the particles, and up to 0.3 microns. The filter system is made up of air purifiers that consist of a standard pre filter. It is also made up of an upper module that consists of four filter cartridges that have gas phase media. These filter cartridges can be reused.

This particular GS purifier has been designed to control the following chemicals. These are Trimethylamine, Methyl mercaptan, Isopropanol, Isoprene, Methyl sulfid, Diethylamine, Phenol, Ozone, Ethylamine, Vinyl chloride, Butyric acid, Acrylonitrile, Acrolein, Trihylamine, Sulfur trioxide, , 1.3 Butadiene, Trichloroethylene, Methylamine, Carbon disulfide, Styrene, Skatole, Nitroglycerine Methyl disulfide, Methyl acrylate, Methanol, Hydrogen chloride, Methyl vinyl ketone, Formic acid, Ethyl acrylate, Ethanol Ethyl acetate, , Cresol, Cyclohexanone, Chlorine dioxide, Dimethylamine, Acetone, and Acetic acid.

IQAir Filter Life Monitor and Digital Control Panel

These kinds of air purifiers are mostly used by those people who have sensitivity to chemical. They can control the amount of tobacco in the air. This air purifier is able to control several different chemicals at one go. These chemicals are acetic acid, ethanol, isoprene, ozone, hydrogen chloride, phenol and more. The device is of the same proportions as the GC VOC. It has a remote control and a six-speed fan too. it is effective in being able to clean up the air of up to 900 square feet room.

The GC MultiGas is successful in being able to capture different kinds of odors as well as chemicals that are prevalent. The powerful filters along with the cartridges enable it to do so. When ISAir was being made the main objective was to enable them to be powerful enough and accurate. The products from this series are effective in blocking all kinds of chemicals, gases and odors. They can give out an output of 99% effectively. They require extremely less power to run them. The other advantages of the IQAir series is that the six-speed fan in it and the remote control are extremely user friendly and offer one a wonderful experience. At the same time, it is extremely powerful too.

GC MultiGas Air Purifiers Testomonials

There have been people who have considered the use of the air purifier on the recommendation of their doctors. They have been extremely pleased with the use of the GC MulitGas and the way it works.

One such couple who lived in a very old house in Manhattan had this to say. They had smokers in their block of apartments. This made their daughter prone to chemical sensitivity. They desperately wanted to surround themselves with clean air for the health benefits that it would fetch them and their daughter. That is when they had this air purifier installed. Although it turned out to be an expensive proposition, it was certainly worth every dime that they went about and spent on it. they have since gone ahead and recommended the IQAir MultiGas indoor air purifiers to all their friends and family. They were highly appreciative of the wonderful customer service and the support that they received.

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  1. Hi there,

    I was just on the IQ Air website, and while you state that the GC Multigas does NOT have a HEPA, as per their website they state that it does:
    “While gas and chemical filtration is the specialty of the GC MultiGas, the system also contains IQAir’s patented medical-grade HEPA filter which is tested and certified to filter particulates down to 0.003 microns in size with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of over 95% and filters particles 0.3 microns or larger with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of over 99%.”

    Is this reveiw based on literature or were you able to assess one hands-on? If so, I am curious to know why the one you saw did not have the HEPA?


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