AllerAir 4000 Series Air Purifiers: High-End and Reliable

Though the AllerAir 4000 series air purifiers look like small garbage cans, they make a very effective weapon against airborne chemicals, gases, odors or mold spores. These units are a happy combination of size and power – the ten air cleaners from this series are more compact than the AllerAir 5000 series air purifiers but much more powerful than the Allerair 3000 series air cleaners.

And because there are ten of them, there is an air purifier virtually for every need. The AllerAir 4000 Photocatalytic uses UV light with a special catalyst to destroy hazardous chemicals, volatile organic compounds and harsh odors. The other air purifier which also has an ultraviolet light for eliminating airborne bacteria, mold mycotoxins and other microorganisms is the AllerAir 4000 Exec UV. The UV lamp emits ultraviolet waves which destroy antigens and pathogens as they pass through them.

The AllerAir 4000 DX Vocarb, AllerAir 4000 D Vocarb and AllerAir 4000 DX Exec are especially good for absorbing harmful toxins since they features an extra deep bed carbon filter and a micro-HEPA.


The AllerAir 4000 Vocarb and the AllerAir 4000 Exec are good for getting rid of volatile organic compounds, odors and pollutants in a smaller space and have a pre-filter and a medical grade HEPA.

There are also two air purifiers for smaller homes or businesses which are compatible with all HVAC units and also feature an extra deep bed filter and a micro-HEPA filter –  the AllerAir 4000 D AH Vocarb and the AllerAir 4000 D AH Exec.

All AllerAir 4000 series air purifiers have a four-stage HEPA filtration system – the pre-filter traps large dust particles, the mass activated carbon bed filter locks in gases and odors, the two antimicrobial filters eliminate bacteria, mold, and viruses, and, finally, the HEPA filter traps airborne particles.

If you wonder about maintenance, the AllerAir 4000 filters have a good life span. You will have to change the pre-filter every three months or so, and vacuuming it might help with extending this period. The carbon filter needs replacing every 1-3 years, and, depending on usage, the HEPA filter usually lasts 3-5 years.

The air purifiers from the AllerAir 4000 series are a good choice, if you want good value, quality and industrial strength.

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