Alen a350 Air Purifier Review

The following article is a review of the Alen A350 Air Purifier.Alen a350 Air Purifier 

PRICE = $399 (

Before we start to dig deep into the pros and cons of this particular purifier. It’s worth having a look at what consumers at the major retailers think of this purifier. Most large internet retailers allow consumers the ability to provide a rating for their purchase. I use this rating as an initial way to quickly gauge the performance of an air purifier.

Review Site Rating 4 Stars (30 reviews) 5 Stars (8 reviews) 4.5 Stars (77 reviews) 4.5 Stars (8 reviews)
Air Purifiers America 4.5 out of 119 (10 user reviews)

The Alen a350 purifier has achieved favourable scores across a wide range of sites. I

Note: Air Purifiers America has business connections to Alen so we need to take their scores less seriously than the other more independent retailers.

The video below will take you through a sample of reviews so you can get an idea of what people like/dislike about it:

The next step we take for this air purifier review is to dig a little deeper into what the experts are saying about this purifier:

1. Air Purifier Power – Written By Ed Sherbenou – URL


Air-Purifier-Power Rating: 82, good


  • In recent assessments by this A-350 eliminated 98% of the contaminants in the device and 97% of the contaminants within the room.
  • The A 350 purifier is great at airborne dirt and dust and plant pollen elimination, yet is also competitively cost-effective costing under $300..
  • So the projected CADR (for basic comparability to mid priced store bought models without having chemical substance blocking capability ) is 203.
  • The manufacturer guarantees 95% of purchases are going to be delivered within Twenty four hours, and also features a straight forward return policy.


  • Significant gas and smell elimination is really a necessity if health benefits can be envisioned: Models with actual carbon VOC ability position higher.
  • Alen A350 air purifier sound amounts will be over normal: 36 decibels(A)on low setting, 65 decibels(A)@214cfm on highest setting. 65 decibels(A) isn’t the loudest, but 214cfm is fairly weak for that amount of noise.
  • The organization doesn’t sell direct, yet drop ships air cleaners marketed by merchants.

2. URL


Provides some reservations that the A350 should only be used in smaller rooms.


  • Highlights that this particular purifier can be mounted on the wall
  • States that the replacement filters  are relatively cheap
  • Mentions that the A350 comes with a Lifetime warranty


  • Talks about how come consumers mention that the power supply causes a "humming" sound
  • Indicates that this air purifier should only be used in smaller rooms

CADR Results:

Sadly the A350 has not undergone a CADR test so we can not provide this results for this test. Thankfully Ed at air-purifier-power has worked out that this purifier has a similar ranking to a CADR ranking of 203.

The Alen A350 therefore has an estimated score of: 203 CADR Ranking

Technology Used:


1.HEPA Filter

The Alen A350 uses one combined HEPA, carbon and pre-filter in one unit. The only issue this raises is price as the purifier requires this combined filter to be changed every six months. Currently you can purchase the A350 filters on for $49.99 which is not too bad but bear in mind that you will need to replace these twice each year – so it’s $100 per year. If I compare this with other purifiers that use Lifetime HEPA such as the Honeywell 50250-N, the A350 is considerably more costly to run.

2. Ionizer Function

One of the nice benefits of the Alen A350 is that it comes packaged with an inbuilt non-ozone ionizer unit. Normally i would suggest that people steer clear of ionizer only units but when combined with a strong HEPA filter it can help improve cleaning efficiency. The ionizer unit will charge the surrounding particles with a negative charge which will mean that these particles are heavier and thus picked up more easily by the HEPA filter. Negative ions have also been shown to imbue of sense of well being but this still has not been confirmed by scientific studies. If you are not sure about the ionizer then you can easily disable the function using the  a on-off switch at the top of the unit.

Power Consumption

The A350 has a Energy Star Rating which should reduce it’s electricity to just pennies per day.

Addressing the Sound Problem

Some reviews have mentioned that the A350 has a whining sound when running. In tests we came across no such noise and believe that this whining sound was down to broken air purifiers. On the highest setting the A350 creates a noise level of 65 dB which is relatively  loud. In the video below I show the Alen a350 working at each different sound level so you can evaluate if it’s too loud for your home. 

Whilst the purifier is loud at the level 5 setting, its unlikely that you would need to leave it at this level for much time. I am quite happy with the sound output at the lowest level and so would not find a problem sleeping with it running in my bedroom.


This purifier provides a significant amount of cleaning for the small price of just under $400. It can be used in medium sized rooms (400 square feet recommended) and has the ability to successfully remove all types of particles. My only issue with this purifier relates to the cost of replacement filters ($100 each year) and the lack of VOC capabilities.

When comparing with other purifiers you should make sure that you take into account the $100 a year cost as some Lifetime HEPA filters will work out far cheaper in the long-run and may outweigh the initial extra cost.

The Alen A350 air purifier is currently the highest rated purifier in my medium range ($200-$700) purifiers and I give it a 5 star rating.

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