Therapure air purifier reviews

The Therapure range of air purifiers are the successors of the Sharper image ionic air purifiers. We suspect they use more ozone than is acceptable but customers seems to like them and they are far more durable than the older sharper image ionic purifiers.Therapure-air-purifier PRICE = $100 (

What are Therapure purifiers?

  • Therapure air purifiers happen to be fashionable, affordable, and provide technological know-how – Ultra violet photocatalytic oxidation – previously supplied only inside more expensive products.
  • Large box stores such as Target, Costo, Home Depot, and even Wal-Mart – have acquired the Therapure selection in spite of the air purifier product sales slowdown last year.
  • Therapure 201 uses HEPA-Type filtration systems, a germ targetted Ultra violet light, plus a photocatalyst to be able to oxidize chemical substances and also smells.
  • Early on buyer reaction for the 201 by Thearpure had been good, 110 user evaluations at have become upbeat.
  • Nevertheless, advertising geniuses frequently take liberties using the facts.
  • We discover considerable improper use of lingo, particularly "HEPA" and also "CADR, throughout Therapure internet marketing.
  • Therapure 201 is actually promoted as possessing "tremendous power,"     and that is around one-hundred-twenty – 145 cubic ft for every minute (cfm) using the best of 3 fan configurations.
  • There isn’t any AHAM-certified Clear Air flow Delivery Rate (CADR) for virtually every Therapure air cleaner.
  • The 145 cfm air flow cleaner is actually not even close to "tremendous," it really is fairly average.
  • "Medium to Huge" 182 square. foot. room size is far too high. We would recommend that you only use this Therapure air cleaner in smaller rooms.

Not a “true” HEPA filter

Even though container is plainly described "HEPA TYPE" filtration system, deceptive advertising, implying that this is the True-HEPA, is duplicated through the entire businesses internet content.

Therapure 201 includes a HEPA-type filtration system stated efficient in eliminating around 99% of airborne contaminants as tiny as 2 microns via air transferring through this purifier.

True HEPA filtration systems tend to be ranked by their capability to catch .3 micron air particles.

This purifier therefore can only handle particles bigger than 2 microns. In the diagram below you can see that only pollen will be captured by such a purifier. Smoke, bacteria, viruses and other air particles will pass through without being caught. If you require a purifier for dealing with breathing health problems then this purifier will be useless.



This purifier branded as Therapure and created by Ionic Purifiers is an air cleaner that is highly respected by the customers who use it. However we have our reservations regarding how effective this purifier is. We must state that this purifier will be useless for the vast majority of air particles. Like we would like to see lab tests for how much ozone that this purifier releases. If you are looking for a cheap purifier we think there are better options out there for less than $200. Yet this purifier does seem good value for money we don’t recommend against it’s purchase.

5 thoughts on “Therapure air purifier reviews”

  1. We rate this Purifier as 2 out of 5 Stars. Will make the changes to the review soon.


  2. Therapure 300D is junk. DO NOT BUY. It stopped working after 2 years and cant be fixed. I wasted $300 on unit and filters. Junk product, junk company that fills up landfills.

  3. I purchased the Therapure 201. I am a smoker (idiot) with breathing problems, don’t like the smell of smoke, and my kitty has some sort of breathing issue. Within one hour of plugging this unit it, the air in my condo was cleaner. After 24 hours of running, my kitty is now breathing freely and my breathing has improved dramatically, and there is not a trace of the smell from cigarette smoke, just fresh clean-smelling air. I went back and bought the second one and I would encourage anyone interested to not believe everything you read, rather try it for yourself. They’re least expensive at Walmart. If you find it doesn’t do what you want/expect, then return to Walmart within 30 days for a full refund. What do you have to lose?

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