Hamilton Beach 04163 Air Purifier

The Hamilton Beach 04163 Air Purifier is marketed as being “99.97% effective” at capturing small particles in the air. This is only partially true. In this review, I’ll give you a clear picture of what the 04163 can do… and whether it’s worth the investment.

hamilton beach 04163 air purifier

How it Works

A true HEPA filter is the heart of the Hamilton 04163. Wrapped around the HEPA filter are several components that make the purification process more effective.

The first of these components is the charcoal carbon prefilter. Sitting just behind the intake grill, air flows through the carbon prefilter and is scrubbed of odors and large particles (such as dust). The air then flows directly into the HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter does most of the grunt work. It extracts pollen, smoke, dust, molds, bacteria, viruses and other undesirable particles. This particular HEPA filter is 99.97% effective at the eradication of small particles. But, what’s important to note, it can only clean air that makes it into the filter.

Air that leaks from the unit before hitting the HEPA filter won’t enjoy the same level of purification.

After the HEPA filter spits out this odorless, dust free air it is met with one more purifying component; a UV germicidal light. The UV germicidal light exists to do one thing; to kill any remaining airborne microorganisms. These are the same microorganisms that lead to allergies, asthma and general sickness.

By the time air is released, the Hamilton 04163 Purifier has captured particles as small as 0.3 microns. This makes it one of the most effective purification units in its price bracket. But remember; this level of effectiveness only applies to air that flows through the unit from beginning to end.

Added Benefits

A 3-speed fan circulates air in the immediate vicinity. You can set the unit to auto, and it will adjust the fan speed depending on air quality. Meaning that the fan speeds up automatically when particles are detected and slows down when it’s clean.

The AirSmart Sensor does two things: first, it gives a clear readout of how much filter life is remaining. You’ll always know when to change the filters for maximum effectiveness. Second, it tells you how clean the air in the room currently is. The air quality scale shows a reading of poor, fair or good at all times. Therefore, you can adjust fan settings to compensate for drops in air quality.

This is not a big air purifier, making it ideal for smaller locations such as bathrooms or small garages. It is effective in rooms up to 350 square feet. Any bigger and you’re likely to see a drop in effectiveness.

Dimensions are 25x18x13 inches, making this a unit that lends itself to discretion. If you have a room where a noticeable purifier won’t do, this may be the perfect alternative.

The price point is incredibly aggressive, especially considering the UV light and HEPA filter. I’ve been hard pressed to find a similarly feature-rich unit below $300.

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