Winix Air Purifier Review

Finally i put together a review for the whole Winix Range of air purifiers: (this should help you from looking for each product review)

1. Winix WAC9000 PlasmaWave

Winix WAC9000 PlasmaWave

Winix WAC9000 PlasmaWave is a true HEPA air purifier with a 5-stage cleaning system. This model removes dust, smoke, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. Unique technology creates plasma hydroxyls that neutralize bacteria and viruses. Has a washable anti-bacterial pre-filter, nano silver mesh, washable carbon filter.

The washable filter gathers vapors and odors caused by smoke, organic decay and cooking odors. This model removes 99.99% airborne particles, 4 speed setting and light sensors for “set and forget” operation.

Also has a completely programmable remote control that you can adjust easily and use from a distance. Positive reviews for allergies and pet dander on the con side the filters are expensive to replace.


2. 5300 PlasmaWave

5300 PlasmaWave

Another true HEAP air purifier from Winix is the 5300 PlasmaWave which covers up to 350 square feet. This model silently removes dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores, pet dander and with its pre-carbon filters it eliminates odor caused from smoke, organic trash decay and cooking smells.

One strong feature is the sanitized protection which reduces the growth of dust mites, bacteria and fungi. This unit captures 99.97% airborne particles and with a smart sensor automatically detects pollutants in the air.

Also has an automatic feature for adjusting fan speed. This model includes a programmable remote control, easy to use and works from a distance. Built-in alert system tells you when it’s time to change filters. Unit works quiet on low setting but noisy on higher settings.

Works very well for cooking smells as the unit automatically goes into super mode. Product does tend to keep the room “cooler” than most other units.


3. Winix 9000 Air Cleaner

Winix 9000 Air Cleaner

Winix 9000 Air Cleaner is a true HEPA purifier removes 99.99% of indoor pollutants. Unit has a 5 stage setting for purifying with a built-in sensor that does the work for you, automatically turns itself on.

Carbon pre-filters remove household odor and organic chemicals. This model includes a washable pre-filter, automatic sleep-quiet mode for night and will cover rooms up to 280 square feet. It has a built-in sensor which immediately detects odors even if you spray perfume in the air the unit will automatically begin to purify the room.

Works well for allergies and pet odors but the cons are that the light on the unit stays on which makes it difficult to keep a room dark during nighttime. The turbo setting is extremely loud. The remote control for the model works better than the buttons on the machine. Also the HEPA filters are expensive to replace.


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