Top 10 Air Purifiers Reviewed

Top 10 Air Purifiers of 2010

As you read this sentence, thousands of contaminants are flooding your respiratory system.  Each one of them has one goal: to intoxicate and kill you from the inside.

I’m being melodramatic, but what do you think the mold spores, and dust mite feces and pollen particles actually doing to the human body? They encrust the lungs, irritate the airways and trigger to diseases like cancer and pulmonary infection. To keep you and your family safe, and to avoid disease, you have to fight back… and here are 10 of the best air purifiers to assist you in that fight:

1. Honeywell HHT-011

Honeywell HHT-011

Price: $40.99

  • Rock solid – No shaking, twitching or vibrating.
  • Perfect for rooms of up to 85 square feet.
  • HEPA filtration – removes 99% of contaminates from air.
  • Conveniently small and uses very little electricity.

Honeywell got something very right with the HHT-00.  It’s compact, it’s sturdy, it’s efficient, and it’s cheap to buy and maintain.  You’ll feel a noticeable drop in sneezing when you’re at home, an immediate sign it’s doing its job.  Plus, it’s built around a HEPA filter so you know it’s the top of the line.


2. Surround Air XJ-3800

Surround Air XJ-3800

Price: $195.95

  • Cheap replacement filters keep maintenance costs down.
  • Unit alerts you of current air quality and when to replace filters.
  • Electrostatic/HEPA/Carbon filter system, backed up by UV light germ killer.
  • Quiet setting makes it perfect for bedrooms.

The Surround Air XJ-3800 is a silent killer, stripping your breathing air mountain top clean without the annoying noises purifiers are none for. It’s perfect for the bedroom, where other models are just too loud to service. The unit can clean a room of 1,200 square feet without breaking as sweat, and it doesn’t pump out ANY ozone. Replacement filters are cheap, and the sensor system (which monitors electricity consumption, air quality and remaining filter life) really set the XJ-3800 apart from the crowd.


3. Honeywell HFD-010

Honeywell HFD-010

Price: $77.99

  • Quiet as a small fan.
  • Sleek designing; you won’t be ashamed to have this unit on display.
  • Small, lightweight and convenient.
  • Filters never have to be replaced.

Honeywell is known for making air purifiers that are inexpensive, powerful and easy-to-use. The HDF-010 model is no different.  After the unit sucks the contaminants right out of the air, simply pop out the filters and rinse them clean outside. Done and done. Now you’re ready for another few weeks of hands-off purification.  Plus, it sounds no louder than a small fan so you never trade peace of mind for a clean environment.


4. Hamilton Beach 04383

Hamilton Beach 04383

Price: $47.82

  • Quiet as a whisper (even has Whisper Mode).
  • Permanent HEPA filter; never spend a dime on replacements.
  • Clean filter once every SIX MONTHS.
  • Suck up smells and particles with 3 different speed modalities.

HEPA filter is the heart of the Hamilton Beach 04383, and it does a damn good job.  Odors, particles and contaminant are no match… plus, the HEPA filter never has to be replaced.  This particular model is built for larger rooms of up to 160 square feet (think: living room) but is quiet enough for the bedroom or study.


5. Winix PlasmaWave 5300

Winix PlasmaWave 5300

Price: $174.89

  • 5 part filtration system.
  • Fan automatically adjusts to air quality level.
  • Built for big spaces at a small spaces price.
  • Built to last; comes with 1-year limited warranty just in case.

Considering the area space (350 square feet) the PlasmaWave can cover, Winix is virtually giving this unit away.  It comes with built in odor detection, and a self-regulating speed fan.  A five stage filter wrings dirt from the air like water from a cloth.  Plus, it comes with “turbo mode” when you need to clean A LOT of air quickly.


6. Honeywell 50250

Honeywell 50250

Price: $165.99

  • HEPA filter removes 99.97% of pollutants.
  • Carbon pre-filter with glass-fiber HEPA even removes viruses and bacteria.
  • 5-year limited warranty covers repairs for half a decade.
  • Unit spins 360 degrees to maximize purification area and speed.

The HEPA filter, which is the soul of the Honeywell 50250, is unique in many ways.  For one, it’s permanent so you don’t have to invest. For another, it’s capable of plucking even the viruses and bacteria flush from the air.  By removing 99.97% of air-borne contaminants the 50250 makes a loud statement: I’m certainly not the prettiest air purifier around but I just might be the toughest.


7. Rabbit Air BioGS – 421A

Rabbit Air BioGS – 421A

Price: $329.95

  • No rumbling, rattling or shaking.
  • Quiet as a shadow.
  • BioGS® HEPA filter tech efficiently cleans air.
  • Solid return policy and 5 year warranty.

The Rabbit Air BioGS-421A does what so few other units can do.  It’ cleans the air of odors and particles effectively, without the noise you’d expect.  It shows craftsmanship and has a sleek design without being flimsy or rattling through the night.  Sensors keep mind of air quality and notify you of changes… and the true BioGS® HEPA filter sucks up dirt like a ninja-quiet vacuum.


8. Austin Air HealthMate

Austin Air HealthMate

Price: $436.97

  • Suited for monster-big areas, up to 1500 square feet.
  • True HEPA filtering to catch up to 99.97% of contaminants
  • Featured on the Today Show.
  • Filter doesn’t need to be replaced for 5 solid years.

The Air HealthMate by Austin is so good at what it does that the good folks on the Today Show gave it 15 minutes of fame. No construction necessary, just pull it out the box then plug it in and you’re good to go. 3 speed settings to vary power, and a HEPA filter that captures particles as small as 0.03 microbes.


9. Sharp FP-P40CX Plasmacluster

Sharp FP-P40CX Plasmacluster

Price: $244.22

  • Plasmacluster technology coupled with HEPA filtration.
  • Built for areas up to 253 square feet.
  • Alternating ions “scrub out” air impurities
  • Unique mode specifically for pollen removal.

The Sharp FP-P40CX isn’t the cheapest air purifier around, but the quietness and effectiveness justify the price tag.  Somehow, they’ve designed it to clean the air without making that annoying fan sound.  Plus, sensors detect air particles and automatically readjust the filtration system.  Mix in HEP with the unique Plasmacluster technology and you have a dust eating, pollen removing killer of a unit.


10. Vornado AQS 500 Air Quality System

Vornado AQS 500 Air Quality System

Price: $84.00

  • 3 purification speeds to choose from.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 324 square feet.
  • Vortex technology means the entire room’s air supply is purified.
  • Filtration system eradicates pollen, dander and other undesirables easily.

If you have allergies, you’ll notice you’re morning stuffy nose and/or sore throat don’t show up when you use the Vornado Air Purifier.  You’ll probably be able to boot the Clariton (or allergy med of choice) after a couple of weeks.  And the unit is Energy Star certified, so its environmental impact is kept to a minimum.



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  1. Do you know anything about the Airfree Onix 3000? I’m looking for something that deals with mold spores.

  2. I lve in a condo above and next to a couple of 8 carton per day smokers. I need something to get the smell of smoke and tobacco that comes into my place out of the air. I can’t tell from the reviews in the above list which one(s) would really attack cigarette smoke. Any advice would be appreciated.

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