Silent Air Purifier

A silent air purifier can clean your freshen and clean the air in your home without irritating noise from a fan motor. Removing tiny particles, these air filters operate by capturing particulate matter on collection sheets.

Silent Air Purifier

Many light sleepers simply can not tolerate the noise created by a fan operating in other types of air purifiers. The silent models allow ambient air to move through the units naturally, without any fan to create a draft. Germs, dust and other contaminates are trapped on an electrically charged collection sheet which can be changed quickly and easily when it become dirty.

The cost of operating a silent air purifier is extremely low because so little electric power is consumed. In fact, the cost is so small that you can operate several units inside your home and never notice any impact on your utility bills. Some manufacturers estimate that less than $5 per year electric power is used by each unit.

Silent air purifiers are a necessity for people with severe allergies. Even when a home’s windows are not opened, allergens come inside on clothes and when the door is opened for entry. Allergens also exist inside the home because of dust, dander, and the process by which human skin is renewed. Thorough cleaning can help allergies, but it is impossible to clean the air without use of air purifiers. The particles are simply too small to capture without these aids.

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll be happy to know that compact units are available which weight under five pounds. Designed to sit on a table top or desk, these small units can be moved from room to room as needed without much effort. Other units can be purchased which are designed to rest on the floor and weight slightly more. Many of the larger models are on wheels for easy relocation.

If you have allergies, asthma, other breathing problems, or simply want the cleanest air possible, you’ll want to place a silent air purifier in each room of your home and one in your office as well.

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