Portable Air Purifier

A portable air purifier can allow you to clean the air in any room of your home, taking the portable unit from room to room as needed. Available in tabletop models, these units can easily sit on a desk in your office and go into your bedroom for sleeping.


Portable air purifiers, like all air filtration systems, remove odors or particles from the air by using a filter, ion generator, or ultraviolet light, depending on your specific needs and desires.

If you can purchase a room air purifiers for each room in your home, you may wish to do this. But, the average person doesn’t want or need to have a separate purifier for every room. Some folks that experience extreme allergic reactions to dust or pollen and those who have severe asthma may require use of larger purifiers in every room of the home to relieve symptoms but many people prefer to own one or two portable air purifiers and move these units into the areas in which they are working, living or sleeping.

Portable air purifiers with HEPA filtration systems remove tiny particulate matter and these units are available with ultraviolet light air cleaning which can kill much of the bacteria and viruses in ambient air as well. The cost of these portable air filter systems is not enormous and the fact that a single quality unit can move with you from room to room makes the investment a sound one.

Purchase a high quality portable air purifier which cleans as large an amount of air as the estimated air space in the largest space in which you plan to use the system. By calculating the cubic feet of air in the largest space in which the air purifier will be used, you’ll be assured the smaller spaces will be effectively purified when you moved the portable purifiers into those locations for use.

Compare prices on various models of portable air purifiers and read about the way that different types of filtration systems clean the air. If you wish to remove odors but do not need to focus on removal of allergens, dust, germs or particulate matter, you may choose a different type of system than if you suffer from breathing problems and need to clean particles from the air. In any case, select the highest quality portable purifier available and compare the cost of purchasing new filters for the units so that you will be easily able to afford to have an effective unit operating any time you need it.

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  1. I have had hives on my body since using the Honeywell Portable air purifier in our room (HEPA).
    Could this machine be the culprit?

  2. It could but it’s unlikely – if your room is large then you might need a bigger purifier. Something like the rabbit air..sharp plasmacluster..etc A too small purifier will your allergies worse by bringing dust/allergens into the air but not removing them. Test out a bigger purifier and see if its makes a difference – if not just take it back to the store.

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