Portable Air Cleaners

I will often talk about portable air cleaners/purifiers versus whole house purifiers/cleaners but what exactly do we mean by a portable air cleaner?


Portable air purifiers/purifiers are those that can be moved to any part of the house. If you require your bedroom air to be cleaned then you can just unplug your portable purifier from your dining room and plug it in your room.

I am a big fan of portable cleaners versus house purifiers which are a static system that are part of your homes air condition or heating system.

Here are 5 reasons why I prefer portable cleaners:

1. Cheaper portable units can still be useful

Cheap Portable cleaners can still be useful in small rooms. If you have a little box room that just needs the dust removing every so often then it does not make sense for you to pay $1000 for a whole house air purifier that probably won’t even clean this specific room. In comparison $400 on a whole house cleaner will just blow dust around your home.

2. Portable air cleaners are portable! 

If you live in rented accommodation or move house regularly then you will be able to take your air purifier with you. I mean a whole house purifier might add a little bit on to the value of your home but it will be nothing near the amount you paid for the installation and equipment. I even know of some customers who have actually taken their portable purifier with them on holiday!

3. No Installation Costs! 

If you are able to use a washing machine then you can easily install and use a portable purifier. In comparison a full house purifier will require you to either be a HVAC expert or pay for an expert to install your unit. Often a full house purifier will require that you vent system and furnace be upgraded to get the full benefit.

4. More effective

A good quality purifier such as the Alen or IQair Healthpro plus will put to shame any whole house purifier in any particle removal test. Don’t just take my word for it – check out the test results of any house purifier and come them a range of portable purifiers.

5. More Value For Money

To get a whole house air cleaner that will be effective you will have to spend in the region of at least $1500+. In my experience you can have cleaner rooms if spend less than a $800 on portable air purifiers. You will also be able to take your investment with you when you leave your house.

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