Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers are unique in that they use no filter or fan. They use ionizer technology to created charged fields to clean the surrounding air. The ionized air creates an airflow due to the difference in pressure between the two areas. Any particles such as dust, pollen and other pollutants are captured by the plates as they pass by. The charged field will actually create an air stream that will force air between the plates.


One of the main benefits of the breeze air purifier is that it makes no sound at all when its working. With many industrial air purifiers, the sound made means that they can not be used in a working environment. With Ionic purifiers, you will still need to clean the plates but only every 10 days and it will just involve a quick wipe with a cloth.

The other benefit of ionic breeze air purifiers is that because it contains no fan or filter, the unit can be much smaller than alternative models. As the breeze units are often small in size, its recommended that you should clean these units at least once a week to keep efficient purification.

Here is a quick guide to keep your Breeze Air purifier working efficiently:

1. Make sure that you don’t use your Ionic Breeze near any fireplaces as the dust and soot will quickly clog the machine.

2. If you hear a static noise when the purifier is running the make sure you turn off the machine and clean out the collection grid.

3. The red light is there to indicate that the unit requires cleaning. The ionic air purifier will also turn itself off when the plates need cleaning.

4. When using your ionic air purifier with other electrical units then make sure that it does not share an electrical outlet. Try and have one outlet for your breeze purifier so as to reduce interference.

5. Try not to use your Ionic Breeze air purifier near to any appliances that transmit such as wireless routers or base stations for phones.

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