Hunter Air Purifier

Want a purifier that goes above and beyond?  Then you need a Hunter air purifier.  These purifiers are packed with power.  They aren’t too expensive and with the economy in the current shape that it’s now, no one has money to waste.

Hunter Air Purifier

Hunter air purifiers have two filters.  One filter is a washable filter and the other one is an activated carbon filter.  The washable filter collects large dust particles, lint, and hair.  The carbon filters out the odors that come from smoking, cooking, and pets.  You should change the filters about every 3 months.  These filters collect 99.97% of particles that passes through the filters. 

This air purifier is rather quiet, but there is some noise.  Considering all that these air purifiers do, a little noise is to be expected.  It may be a bit loud for use in a bedroom or quiet setting, so you may get better satisfaction out of the purifier by putting it in a room where company gathers or in a room where the purifier won’t be heard very well.

An air purifier is a machine that is able to remove impurities and contaminants from the air.  These purifiers are also good for your health.  They are great for people with severe allergies and asthma.  These hunter air purifiers have proven to reduce and even eliminate second-hand smoke from tobacco.

Air purifiers are rated on a number of things.  Every factor has a value of 10 points.  The highest score possible is a 100.  It is possible to achieve the perfect score of a 100, but it is highly unlikely.  If you are seeking health benefits with an air purifier, gas and odor elimination will be a must.

The way purifiers are made and designed play a major part in how long each filter has the potential to last.  These purifiers are also rated on machine life, maintenance requirements, as well as operating costs.  Warranty period and service life is looked at as well.  The last few factors that are considered when it comes to air purifiers are its style, portability, comfort level, and convenience.

These purifiers are still fairly new to the industrial world.  John and James Hunter founded the company in 1886.  It all began with a ceiling fan.  They didn’t begin to build air purifiers until 1990.  There is currently an air purifier that is a home edition.  This home edition line of air purifiers has been around since 2004.

Score: 87/100

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