Lennox air purifier review

The know-how that has been put to use in the famous Lennox Healthy Climate EAC-20 is the latest and most advanced. That is the reason why these purifiers work out to be really effective and trap all the possible toxins from coming indoors. The air inside your home is not clean, and you can find all sorts of dust and dirt particles with pollen, moulds and a hundred other variants that you are not even aware of. These can cause a whole lot of chain reactions such as polluted indoor air that can lead to dizziness, headaches, migraines and sinus. When these problems need to be prevented then the people shouldn’t be exposed to these pollutants. These products have the capacity to ensure a better and more powerful form of filtration.


The air that is sucked into the air purifier has to first go through the pre-filter. This is the place wherein all the large dirt particles get trapped. The pre-filter can get enclosed with the large dust particles and this can affect its efficacy. Therein it is a good idea to clean them periodically to ensure that the efficiency at which they operate remains the same.

Once they clean the large particles, they push air through the ionizing wires. These wires have the capability of being able to trap and clear all smaller particles out of the air. They give out a positive electrical charge. The smaller particles that are positively charged by this method are made to pass through a filter that has a negative charge. The negatively charged filter attracts all smaller particles. The particles hang on to the filter and are thus eliminated from the air. Once all the large as well as the small particles are out of your home, the air is then made to pass through a specifically designed carbon filter. The addition of a carbon filter to this particular air purifier depends on the customer. This is not something that defines the removal of contaminants and particles that are air borne. But, the carbon filter is able to remove a whole lot of unpleasant stagnant smell from the air. The moment the air is made to pass through the carbon filter, the unpleasant smells no longer have their potency. This leaves the air smelling fresh and clean. Lastly, the air is passed through the last filter in the air purifier. This brings it into the HVAC system and is sent back into the house.

EAC-20 Lenox Healthy Climate are one of the best devices to ensure that you have a home that is not only comfortable but perfectly safe too. The indoor air that is filtered using this powerful device ensures that it is completely pure and bereft of any contaminants and odors. At the same time it is completely safe for your health too.

The effective way in which this air purifier works is because of the wonderful know-how that has been put to use in the form of filters and other mediums in it. This was the right way to design the filter so as to ensure the best possible outcome. The Lenox Healthy Climate EAC-20 air purifiers have enabled many a family to be able to breathe easy in their own homes. When you know that the air inside your house is pure and clean, there are hardly any chances of you falling prey to any kind of illness or allergies. You will not have to encounter any kind of asthma or allergy reaction. If you want to be sure that your family is certainly breathing in air that is one hundred percent clean and pure, then the installation of a air purifier is the only option.

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