Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner

Honeywell Electronic air cleaners include the F50, F50F, F300, F300A, F300E range of furnace based whole house purifiers. These electronic whole house air cleaners work by connecting your homes central heating furnace/system. Download the Honeywell manual here: The Honeywell range of electronic air cleaners comes with a 2 stage filter system which cleans the air from your furnace outlet. 1.... Read More

Do Whole House Air Purifiers Work?

In short, not really! Whole house air purifiers work by filtering the air from your central heating system/furnace system. The idea is that the device cleans the air as it passes through your house heating/cooling system and allows this clean air to pass into your home. Many different types of filters are used in these systems such as: HEPA Electrostatic precipitators Self-Charging electrostatic air filters Ultra-violet light systems Portable ozone-ionizer... Read More