Pet Air Purifiers

I have researched and tested the top “pet air purifiers” on the market and want to share my results with you: 1. Fresh ‘n Clean Odor Grabber Fresh ‘n Clean Odor Grabber Deluxe 1000 Air Purifier gathers household and pet odors through a triple layer filtration technology to work on three different levels. This model’s built-in filter for baking soda refreshes the room and absorbs pet odors on contact. Odor Grabber is quiet and safe to... Read More

Mini Purifier for your Pet

Now i still don’t understand  why some pet owners buy their dogs coats for the cold weather. However this little gadget has to be one of the strangest pet accessories. This little gadget goes around your little pups neck so all the air near them will be pure! Thankfully the unit is very cheap at $17.20 but i can’t imagine that it is very effective. I would personally stick to my sharp purifier and let the machine clean the air for both... Read More