IQAir Health Pro Air Purifier Video Review

This is the next video in our series of reviews and this time we reviewed the IQair Healthpro air purifier. With this video, i was able to use PowerPoint to help use images to put my point across. We followed the main points about why the IQair healthpro purifier is so much better than the majority of air purifiers out there. I was able to use a screen capture program to film this so in future we should be able to make videos of this quality and... Read More

Iqair Healthpro Plus

I am sure you have already heard of the Iqair Healthpro plus purifier as it has won numerous industry awards. The Iqair plus purifier is the Cadillac of the air purifier world. The reason that the Iqair purifier is so well respected is because of the sheer amount of particles that in can block using its four stage filter system. The average purifier will be able to stop most particles over 0.3 microns – which is small but in fact 90% of all airborne... Read More