Types of Air Purifier Technology That is Best for Allergies

Some people blame the air outside for their allergies and so they end up spending 90 percent of their time inside the house. Most of us think that the air inside our house is cleaner. Well, all of them are wrong. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the pollutants are 25 to 100 times higher in the air inside compared to the air outside. source Allergies are the body’s specific immune system reaction to a typically harmless... Read More

Ionizer Air Purifier

  Air Purifiers are created to clean the air off problem particles such as dust, pollen and dirt. One of the recent technological advancements are ionizer air purifiers that use ionization cleaning technique. To understand how ionizer air purifiers work you need to understand a little bit about the ionization process. The first thing that happens is that the ionization unit charges the air with a release of electrons that in turn charge the... Read More