Types of Air Purifier Technology That is Best for Allergies

Some people blame the air outside for their allergies and so they end up spending 90 percent of their time inside the house. Most of us think that the air inside our house is cleaner. Well, all of them are wrong. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the pollutants are 25 to 100 times higher in the air inside compared to the air outside. source Allergies are the body’s specific immune system reaction to a typically harmless... Read More

5 Ways Of Eliminating Cigarette Smell From Your House

Cigarette is made from fine tobacco leaves wrapped and rolled in a thin paper to form a cylinder. We all know that smoking is dangerous to our health. Many countries around the world put warning message on tobacco packages. The purpose of the warning message is to educate people on the harmful effects of cigarette. For non-smokers, you may be puzzled or had a hard time understanding why other people smoke even if they know the health risks involved.... Read More

Ionic Air Purifiers

Staying at home does not guarantee you are safe from air pollutants. Most of the time, people stay indoors for relaxation and free from air pollution. Unfortunately, even air at home is not that safe. They hide in your walls, curtains, carpets and even in your clothes. These pollutants stay usually in closed house and kitchens or offices. There is a product that helps you minimize pollution within your own house. It is what they call Ionic Air... Read More