Holmes Air Purifier Review

Following intensive consumer testing – i have put together a review of the top 5 Holmes air purifiers on the market today. 1. Holmes HAP756-U air purifier Holmes HAP756-U air purifier is an allergen remover up to 99.97% efficient in removing pollen, dust, pet, mold and smoke from the air passing through the filter. Also has a filter feature to add baking soda to assist in eliminating household odors. This unit designed with a digital timer, runs... Read More

Holmes Air Purifier Reviews

An air purifier is used in today’s society for a number of reasons.  A person in the home may have allergies or asthma and the purifier makes it easier to breathe.  Air purifiers are used to “grasp” contaminants out of the air and cleanse it.  Air purifiers get rid of a lot of debris that’s whirling around in the air in your home. When you are shopping for an air purifier, there are a few things that you should know. ... Read More